Celctic Stoirm Charters- Captains Log- June 11, 2022
2022/06/11 – Sea Bass Fishing
Today we had bob and the boys out for sea bass fishing. It was a slow start in the morning, we had very little drift. Conditions changed and we were able to get several nice bass. Our largest sea bass was 17.3 inches. The boys went home with full bags of sea bass fillets. Father day is open take the pops out fishing.
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2022/06/05 – Sea Bass Fishing
Had Gary and the boys out for a day of sea bass fishing, catch of the day was 18 inches and we’re back at the dock by 1pm with the boat limit. Plenty of dates open, come and see your sea bass!
Captain's Log- Entry 6-12-22
2022/05/23 – Weather Not Cooperative
On Saturday, we had Dave and the boys out. The weather wasn’t great. We were able to catch the guys limit early. So we switch over to Bass going 1 for 2 catching a nice 31.5. We have open dates available come and get yours – Don’t be left standing at the dock!
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2022/05/20 – Sea Bass- Boat Limit Reached Again!
On Friday we had Lee and the guys out on the seabass grounds. Fishing was very good, caught our boat limit. There was a lot of quality fish. We have some open dates so come and get some!
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2022/05/13 – First Trip of the Year!
On Friday we got out on the water for my first trip of the year. Had Rich and the boys out for a day of Bass fishing. The weather wasn’t good, fog and a lite mist all day. We found them late. Went 6 for 6, got back to the dock at 3:30.